Fuchsias are popular garden plants. Their exuberant bloom and the decorative bell-shaped flowers make it a huge attraction for garden enthusiasts. Over the years, thousands of cultivars were introduced to the market. Some cultivars are more successful than others because of better flowering and growth or simply because of a special flower colour or flower shape. Dozens of cultivars are no longer available at fuchsia nurseries and are probably nowhere to be found at fuchsia collectors.

The objective of this website is to build a comprehensive database of as many cultivars (hybrids) as possible.We want to preserve information about fuchsia cultivars for future generations. At the moment there is written information about approximately 17.000 cultivars and fuchsia species. More than 9100 cultivars also have at least one picture in the database and that number is steadily growing. The total number of fuchsia pictures on the website exceeds 15.000.

The database is the largest online and thrives on the commitment of fuchsia lovers and fuchsia hybridisers who allow me to use their descriptions and pictures in the database for the benefit of other fuchsia enthusiasts. It is a database for fuchsialovers built by fuchsialovers.

Not only does FuchsiaFinder give information on fuchsia cultivars. We also help you find your favourite cultivars. We developed the FuchsiaFinder Cultivar Search Tool.This tool helps you track down fuchsia cultivars in specialised nurseries so you can enjoy their beauty in your own garden.

I spend most of my free time creating, updating and maintaining this website. FuchsiaFinder is the leading fuchsia cultivar database.

By donating, you help ensure that it stays that way and you contribute to future development.

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