I thank the following people and organisations who have contributed to the database with pictures or information.

Descriptions of AFS registered cultivars were kindly provided by the American Fuchsia Society.
Descriptions of NBFK registered cultivars were kindly provided by the Nationale Belgische Fuchsia Keuringscommissie.
Descriptions of BFS registered cultivars were kindly provided by The British Fuchsia Society.

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  • Spain Maria Pilar Gonzalez, fuchsia lover
  • Switzerland Gabriela Schmuki, fuchsia lover
  • Switzerland Heinz Sommerhalder, fuchsia lover
  • Norway Fredrik Klungervik, fuchsia lover
  • Norway Jan Ove Eggebø, fuchsia lover
  • Norway Asbjørn Magne Marken, fuchsia lover
  • New-Zealand Margaret Bennett, fuchsia lover
  • New-Zealand Bruce Andrew, fuchsia lover
  • New-Zealand Peter O’Hara, treasurer of the National Fuchsia Society Of New Zealand
  • New-Zealand Quang Mai, fuchsia lover
  • New-ZealandCroatia Roland Sokcevic, fuchsia lover
  • Poland Robert Czarnecki, fuchsia lover
  • Poland Magdalena Zakrzewska, fuchsia lover
  • Czech Republic Alena Chalupova, fuchsia lover (♰)