Find your favourite fuchsia cultivar

The cultivar search tool is based on the latest catalogs provided by the different fuchsia specialist nurseries. Some cultivars may be out of stock when you use this tool. It is wise to contact the nurseries directly to check availability.

Update august 2018 : removed Claylane Nurseries UK (closing end 2018), Jordan Nursery USA (closed) and Other Fellow UK (not active) from the search tool.

Update january 2019 : removed Jan Dekker (closed) from the search tool and added Unique Botanica and Zahradnictví Petro to the search tool.

Update january 2020 : added Victoriana Nursery, FuchsiaHybrida and to the search tool

Fuchsia Cultivar Search Tool v2020jan18

Used codes

A Little Brook Fuchsias UK @ 20/12/19
B Potash Nursery UK @ 12/12/19
C Roualeyn Fuchsias UK @ 25/12/19
D Lockyer Fuchsias UK @ 23/12/19
E Bromac Nursery UK @ 12/12/19
F Jackson’s Nurseries UK @ 3/1/20
G Harper & Debbage UK @ 27/12/19
H Fantasy Fuchsias UK @ 21/12/19
I Victoriana Nursery UK 20/12/19
J Kwekerij Zeelenberg Netherlands @ 20/12/19
K Van der Velde Netherlands @ 21/12/19
L Hobbykwekerij Lokhorst Netherlands @ 27/12/19
M Fuchsiakwekerij Gommer Netherlands @ 22/12/19
P Fuchsia’s De Nachtwaker Belgium @ 14/1/18
R Gärtnerei im Himmelreich DE @ 27/12/19
S Gärtnerei Schlestein DE @ 27/12/19
T Fuchsien Lehmeier DE @ 14/1/18
U Anselm Breuckmann DE @ 19/12/19
V Fuchsien-Gärtnerei Rosi Friedl DE @ 1/2/19
X Gärtnerei Bechtel DE @ 24/12/19
Y Gärtnerei Graupner DE 23/12/19
Z Fuchsia Delhommeau France 23/12/19
1 Les Fuchsias de la Dombes France @ 12/12/19
2 Gartenbau G.Guttmann AT @ 19/12/19
3 Liberec Czech Republic @ 19/12/19
4 Zahradnictví Petro Czech Republic @ 27/12/19
5 Heaven Scent Nursery United States @ 1/1/20
6 Fuchsia Fantasy AU @ 5/1/19
7 UA @ 19/9/19
8 AU @ 19/9/19

Need help using the Fuchsia Finder tool? Use these 4 easy steps.

  • Enter the name of the cultivar you are looking for in the searchbox on the top right of your screen and hit enter.
  • A list will appear where '0' indicates this nursery offers this cultivar in 2020.
    9 indicates this nursery had this cultivar in 2019.
    ‘x’ indicates a nursery that offers your cultivar in their most recent catalogue (some nurseries don't update the catalog every year).
    '-' indicates the nursery had that cultivar in the past but not anymore.
  • Look up the nursery code in the table at the bottom of the page.
  • Click the according globe to connect to the sellers website.

Cultivar lists of nurseries that are not yet in the database can be added.

Please send feedback, lists and yearly updates of lists so we can keep the searchtool up to date.