FuchsiaFinder is not the only online fuchsia cultivar database. Below is a list of databases that can be found online. Some of them are not actively updated on a regular basis. The written data that can be found in these databases is generally speaking also on FuchsiaFinder. However some databases show pictures for cultivars that do not have a picture available on FuchsiaFinder.

  • American Fuchsia Society register

    english, approximately 9.000 cultivars listed

  • BFS Seedling Register

    english, approximately 450 cultivars listed

  • Deutsche Fuchsien-Gesellschaft

    german, approximately 1.600 cultivars listed

  • Sigrid Worldwide Fuchsia Database

    dutch, english, approximately 17.000 cultivars listed

  • The National Fuchsia Society of New Zealand Registry

    english, approximately 2.000 cultivars listed

  • Fuchsia's uit België

    dutch, approximately 1.800 cultivars listed

  • Nederlandse Kring van Fuchsiavrienden - Cultivar Inventaris Lijst

    dutch, approximately 15.500 cultivars listed

  • DDFGG - Fuchsia Index

    german, english, approximately 17.000 cultivars listed