A section containing one species found only in the humid foggy forests of Costa Rica and Panama.

F. jimenezii is the only fuchsia from outside the Encliandra section with stamens bent down and located in the flower tube. However, from the Encliandra section, it is strongly distinguished by hermaphrodic flowers in the last racemes and berries with numerous seeds. The nature of the stamens indicates that the Jimenezia section is closely related to the more specialized Encliandra section.

This section’s name – and also the only species in it – is in honour of Alfonso Jiménez-Muñez, a botanist and professor of Agronomy and Biology at the National University of Costa Rica, as well as the director of the National Museum of Costa Rica. It was Prof. Jiménez who first recognized and brought to the attention of other botanists that F. jimenezii was a species distinct from F. arborescens or F. paniculata, with which it was usually confused. The type on which the new species was published in his honor by Breedlove, Berry & Raven in 1983 was collected by Thomas C. Emmel in 1967 at Puntarenas in Costa Rica.

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